Oil-Tech is a locally owned family business with a global perspective. Oil-Tech is not a franchise or subsidiary from some large national company bought as an investment. We care about our customers; our neighbors and we work hard every day to service them and take care of the environment.

Large nationwide companies have high overhead and guess who’s paying for that overhead – their customers. Oil-Tech has very low overhead and we pass those savings on to our customers; our neighbors!

Oil-Tech is friendly, trustworthy and dependable. Because our customers are our neighbors, we’re committed to providing excellent customer service.

If you’ve ever called a large nationwide company with a question or if you’ve ever had an emergency that needed immediate attention, you know how frustrating it can be to navigate automated push button call centers or to be placed on hold. Oil-Tech does not have a call center, we pick up our own phone. We’ll answer your questions and should you have an emergency, we’ll send someone to your location ASAP.

Call us to learn how much money you can start saving by joining the Oil-Tech family.

Our team

  • Nick Datillo
    Nick Datillo Owner
  • Kyle Datillo
    Kyle Datillo Managing Partner
  • Todd Bluechel
    Todd Bluechel President Sales, Marketing & Business Development
  • Michelle Wales
    Michelle Wales Office Manager
  • Adam Cromwell
    Adam Cromwell Warehouse Technician
  • Chris Parsons
    Chris Parsons Oil Technician
  • Brent Hauk
    Brent Hauk Oil Technician

Oil-Tech is a proud member of

We offer our neighbors top dollar for their used cooking oil and the lowest rates available to clean their grease traps.
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