What is cooking oil?

Cooking oil is plant, animal, or synthetic fat used in frying, baking, and other types of cooking.

When does cooking oil need to be replaced?

Deep frying works so effectively because oil and water don’t mix. With fresh/clean cooking oils, you can submerge a piece of food in a pot of hot oil and not much oil will get absorbed—at least, not until enough moisture has been driven out of the food. The more oil breaks down, the less hydrophobic it becomes. Oil’s freshness largely affects its hydrophobic nature. At first, this can actually be an advantage. Less hydrophobic molecules in your oil means that it can come into closer contact with foods, allowing them to fry just a bit more efficiently. This is where the wisdom of tempura chefs comes in, adding a bit of old oil to the new batch will improve it. Eventually, as this breakdown continues, your oil becomes less and less hydrophobic, and eventually it’ll start entering your food too rapidly, causing it to turn greasy and ruining its crispness. At this stage, your oil needs to be replaced. Some telltale signs of old oil are foam on the top surface, an inability to reach frying temperatures without smoking, and a dark, dirty look with a fishy aroma.

Turn Down the Heat

During periods of less use, consider keeping your frying temperatures below 350˚F degrees to minimize oxidation and extend the life of the oil.

Smaller Loads

Use smaller loads. Overfilling your frying basket leads to rapid temperature drops and increases loose food particles.

Cover Your Fryers

Oxidation leads to shorter oil life. Keep fryers covered from the elements when not in use.

Screen Out Food Deposits

Do not allow the build-up from food particles. Filter your oil often to extend life.

Keeping Your Oil Clean

Use Fresh Fry oil pads nightly. Fresh Fry was designed/created and are manufactured here in Louisville.

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