What is a Grease Trap?

There are two different types of Grease Traps. The small boxes usually located inside, at or near the kitchen sink are called “Grease Traps”.


Grease Trap


Grease Interceptor

Located outside, usually behind the business, Grease Interceptors are discernable by their two circular manhole lids placed a couple feet apart from each other.


When oily water goes down the drains, before it enters the large municipal sewer lines it flows through one of these traps. Because oil floats, it collects at the top, any sediments sink to the bottom, allowing the “filtered” water to continue to the sewer line.

Oil-Tech is a local family business. We’re here to clean grease traps and grease interceptors for our neighbors, our customers. A grease trap plays a critical role in any foodservice operation. Whether you’re a large national chain, a neighborhood restaurant or anything in-between, Oil-Tech can help. Servicing traps or interceptors on a regular basis not only keep fats, oils, and grease (FOG) out of the sanitary sewer system (which is extremely important for environmental and public health reasons) but local, state, and federal regulations mandate a standard service schedule must be in place to remain compliant. Oil-Tech’s mission, with regards to grease traps is to:


Keep your business compliant with state and federal regulations


Eliminate any safety concerns


Keep your business running smoothly

Servicing Traps or Interceptors on a regular basis is not only an MSD requirement, but it reduces the potential for your sewer system to back up, which would end up costing significantly more than any service fees. Keeping your business running smoothly, so there are no interruptions or lost revenue during business hours, is one of our most important missions.

Additionally, government agencies require proof of grease trap cleanings. We keep track of our service calls and we email those reports to our customers after each visit.

It’s important to mention that while some large nationwide companies try and make more money off your business, by offering to “fix” your broken trap or interceptor using their in-house plumber, or suggest that you need a newer/larger trap or interceptor, we’ve chosen to stick to doing just one thing, which is what we do best – cleaning. But, should you ever have a problem with your grease trap or interceptor you can take comfort knowing Oil-Tech can recommend as many reputable plumbers as needed until you find the best plumber for your specific needs. To be clear, we are the best at cleaning traps and interceptors but we let those that are the best at fixing pipes / traps and interceptors help you should the need arise.

It’s important to mention, Oil-Tech does NOT receive one penny from referral fees.

Large nationwide companies have high overhead and guess who’s paying for that overhead?
Oil-Tech has low overhead and we pass those savings on to our neighbors, our customers!

Call us today to learn how much we can save you.

We offer our neighbors top dollar for their used cooking oil and the lowest rates available to clean their grease traps.
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