What is Line Jetting?

High pressure line jetting is a method of cleaning sewer & drain lines using high pressure water. An engine or other power source powers a high-pressure water pump that produces water under pressure. When a nozzle is attached to the end of the jetting hose, pressure is created within the system. No two clogs are the same so nozzle sizes, water stream direction, and desired pressure are all chosen to best match the needs of the clog being treated.

Grease from wastewater congeals on pipe walls causing flow restrictions. High pressure jetting with an all rear nozzle or a rotary spinning nozzle removes grease buildup and restores pipes to full flow capacity. Jetting cuts grease into sand like particles that flow downstream without causing blockages or the possibility of re-congealing on pipe walls


Cleaning, not just unclogging.

The accumulation of grease, soap and other components of sludge inside the pipes are often the reason for sewer clogs. Unfortunately, rotating snakes do little to fix the situation other than to punch a hole in the clog to restore partial flow. Snakes do not address the ongoing issues of sludge accumulation that is likely to result in a clog recurrence very soon. Line jetting cleans the entire internal pipe for a more long-lasting resolution.

More economical.

Line jetting your pipes can delay the need for another service call up to four times longer than clearing a clog with a snake. Line jetting on an annual basis reduces sewer service expenses over the long term.

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